The Secret Life of a Sex Worker Mom


The Secret Life of a Sex Worker Mom

Illustration: Akshita Monga


aksha wakes up every morning with a familiar knot in her stomach. As she moves around her small one-bedroom house in Chennai, waking her son up for school and attending to household chores, she wonders, like every other day, whether this will be the day that her double life will finally come to end.

As the morning unfolds in the cramped kholi in Rani Anna Nagar, her son asks her – Will you be back by lunchtime or will the clients keep her busy? Akshat thinks his mother works too hard. She has climbed up the ladder from a door-to-door sales girl for detergents to a driving-licence agent, and now a real estate broker. It’s not been easy doing it alone, being a single mom. Raksha’s husband abandoned her when their son was barely two.