The Not So Simple Su


The Not So Simple Su

Illustration: Saachi/Arré


e’re a land of strange people; we have this elaborate electoral process through which we participate in the creation of leaders and governments — arguably the best men among those presented to us (oh, women too, if the men allow it). We pick our leaders based on how well they manipulate us, only to then assume that they’re all actually marble-brained halfwits — dumb at best, laugh-worthy at bestest.

So we giggle when a leader wears a hat with his own photo on it, or when he mistakes Bhutan for Nepal. We generate a river of memes and forwards when said guy compares an Indian state to an African country. And it isn’t just us. When a Republican candidate in the US with a fluffy golden mop on his head says something as delightfully tone-deaf as, “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”, we laugh condescendingly.