The Unsung Hero of the New Year’s Eve Party


The Unsung Hero of the New Year’s Eve Party

Illustration: Akshita Monga


s the world braces itself for the end of 2016, Delhi is getting ready to partaaaay during its biggest festival: New Year’s Eve. It is the Diwali + Christmas + Eid of the capital’s major religion i.e. Delhiness, a faith whose primary duties involve indulging oneself in alcohol, Punjabi music, and revelling in class distinction.

As Dilliwalas prepare to get “Alcohol = No Ragrets” tattooed on their hearts and make new-year resolutions about keeping the glass half-full of whisky, vodka, or rum, one of its tribes prepares for New Year’s Eve by acquiring bulletproof jackets. No, not the cops who will be featured in the paper the following day for working through the night, controlling this religious congregation of drunk drivers. We mean the unsung hero of the NYE party, the bartender. That poor sod, all-seeing giver-of-advice, maker of endless shots, holder of puke buckets.