I Know What You Did Last November


I Know What You Did Last November

Illustration: Akshita Monga


t was 8 pm on Tuesday night. The traffucked city was giving itself up to its nightly rituals – old men were cursing the new world in front of television screens, kids were throwing iPad-time tantrums, and the millennials were getting started on their sacrament of getting soundly stoned – when the message from Modiji slipped into collective consciousness.

The housewives of suburban Mumbai, who were busy yelling at their maids to chop spring onions finely, had not had a chance to look at their diamond-crusted iPhone 7s. So when they were interrupted mid-yell by their husbands who stormed into the kitchen, they were alarmed. The women were even more confounded when their husbands made a strange request – let’s go buy jewellery right now.