Naked Nariyal Man & Abstinence in the Time of “Fast” Politics


Naked Nariyal Man & Abstinence in the Time of “Fast” Politics

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


very time I miss a meal, I complain that I am “starving”. Make that two, and I’m “ravenous” and promise to “die unless I eat”. Food is our ultimate comfort – in the language of the cool kids, who proclaim multiple times a day on Instagram, it is “bae”. Scrolling through images proudly accompanying #Foodporn gives us more of a happy ending than actual porn. Even the Congress and BJP have revised their fast goals from “fast unto death” to fast unto lunch or like a day.

Anuj Khurana was just as much of a foodie as your next foodporner, but this year, he and his friends decided to do something completely out of their comfort zone. In the past, Khurana has planned several trips around food, but for his annual adventure in 2018, he was determined to survive a 30-day no-food-no-water-no-WhatsApp fast, on green coconut water. Naturally, that transformation was to be documented on Instagram. Each day of foodlessness merited a tasteful “sirf nariyal” photo: a picture of the fasters with nary a stitch of clothing, with only a coconut protecting their modesty.