Munshi Premchand: The Aam Aadmi’s Author


Munshi Premchand: The Aam Aadmi’s Author

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


t is the first year of college. I am 18, as are 800 freshers packed into an IIT Bombay auditorium with a capacity of 300. To this day, I believe whoever came up with Cubic Closed Packing unit cell structure, the most efficient form of packing known to man, was unaware of what we had just pulled off.

Each club wanted to lure in as many freshers as possible, so there would be enough bodies to run the club when more students get conjunctivitis than calculus. When Fourthwall, the institute’s dramatics club, staged Bade Bhaisahab, a short story written by Munshi Premchand, it was a path-defining moment for me.