The Secret Life of an Instagram Star


The Secret Life of an Instagram Star

Illustration: Akshita Monga


evyani Kapoor has been at a boutique hotel in Jaipur for two days now. Out of the 300-odd pictures clicked, she’s made a Snapchat story of about 50 pictures and taken six for her Instagram account. She and the photographer accompanying her have researched the property exhaustively, and they now know which places will get her the best shots at different hours of the day. Emails and pictures were being exchanged for a week before Devyani landed in Jaipur.

Devyani’s photographer is a young man who runs his own marketing gig but shoots Devyani in his spare time. He knows all her angles, preferred filters, and the light that makes her look good. But most importantly, he knows how to make her experiences appear “authentic”. In this case, the experience she wants to convey through these curated photographs, is of her “casually enjoying” the boutique property.