Inside the Secret World of a Beef Dealer


Inside the Secret World of a Beef Dealer

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


t’s a balmy Saturday morning. I walk up to a shady-looking bearded man dressed in a faded T-shirt that reads “Hollister Football Club Est 1847”.

The location is a crowded street, outside a school, which is alive with the clatter of recess. On the side of the street is a cobbler who has been glued to this spot for as long as I can remember. The bearded man and I exchange nods as I hand over the cash – ₹1,800 in large bills. In one smooth handshake, he hands me the goods in a plastic bag along with some change. “Gin lo,” I say. He doesn’t. The goods feel heavy. “Maal accha hai naa,” I ask.