“Christian Log Daaru Pee Ke Danga Karta Hai”


“Christian Log Daaru Pee Ke Danga Karta Hai”

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ahar gaon ki hai kya,” the tall, pockmarked man wondered aloud, asking his portly companion if their new client was a foreigner. “Haan, tabhi toh bhao badhaa ke bola,” chuckled his partner, as both men checked out the lanky redhead walking from room-to-room, confirming if the electrical switches worked, opening and shutting doors and windows.

The men were both housing property brokers operating in the real estate gold mine that Mumbai’s western suburbs were 10 years ago. Today, homes in that part of the city are plain unaffordable, but even then the apartment she was looking at was a filthy hovel only slightly bigger than a public toilet (and equally stinky). “Best studio apartment. It is near mall, madam. Just like foreign country, madam. You like mall, madam,” asked Mr Pockmarks.