The In-Betweeners: Millennials Who Aren’t Millennial Enough


The In-Betweeners: Millennials Who Aren’t Millennial Enough

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


e’re living in a time when millennials are like the Taimur of the global media – everything about their peculiar existence is headline-worthy, with at least one new research report published about them every other day. Millennials are miserable and broke. Millennials are spending more time swiping for love on dating apps. Millennials don’t believe in democracy. Millennials prefer socialism over capitalism. Millennials are having a lot of sex and having lesser sex than the previous generations at the same time. Millennials are killing soap bars in favour of body washes. They are killing golf, malls, and movies too.

You read about all these trends, and for a moment you think “these millennials sound like a really pesky lot who just can’t make up their minds”, but then it also dawns on you that you are technically one of them too. You were born in the ’80s; it is your “label” too. You’re definitely miserable and broke, active on social media, listen to Rihanna, watch a lot of Netflix, and show some of these traits associated with millennials. Yet, you never really feel as millennial as these headlines make you out to be. You like to go on dates, but hook ups are really not your thing. You do like to party but partying all night is just not what you do anymore. You neither identify with the “taking it slow” attitude of Generation X nor do you fit in among your online, on-the-fly colleagues in their early 20s.