DIY Happiness


DIY Happiness

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


’d always been told that I could achieve anything with hard work. So when clinical depression hit, I decided to work my way to happiness. The idea struck when a Facebook friend took up the “100 happy days challenge”. The challenge involves putting up a happy picture, video or description for a hundred days straight. Apparently after this, your neural pathways get into the habit of ejaculating endorphins at the drop of a hat, thereby making you deliriously happy at the sight of drying paint.

Now, to a guy struggling with depression, this gives me hope. It tells me happiness is like a mathematical problem. With enough pig-headedness, I could crack it like any other differential equation. I begin where all 21st century quests begin – Google. As soon as I type in “how to be happy”, dozens of articles appear, announcing “7 Sure-fire Happiness Shortcuts” and “4 Scientifically Proven Happy Hacks”.