Dubai Prince Turns Internet Darling. He Stops Using His Grand SUV After Birds Build Nest On It


Dubai Prince Turns Internet Darling. He Stops Using His Grand SUV After Birds Build Nest On It

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Over the past months we’ve been presented with stories of animal cruelty, making us lose our faith in humanity little by little. But it’s the smallest acts of kindness that help heal our hearts and give us hope. Such is the story of the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who stopped using his car after noticing a bird’s nest on it.

Earlier this month, a couple of birds built a nest on the bonnet of the crown prince’s luxurious Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV. Instead of shooing them off, the crown prince decided to keep the SUV off the road, lending them a home temporarily.

On Wednesday, the crown prince took to his Instagram to share a heartwarming video of the birds, leaving us a timely reminder that “sometimes the little things in life are more than enough.” Shot from afar, the time-lapse provides a quick glimpse into the beginning of a new life as the eggs hatched into little chicks. The sweet video ends with the shot of the mama bird perched atop the bonnet feeding her babies.


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According to Khaleej Times, the red tape seen around the SUV was to ward off people and other vehicles, to ensure the safety of the birds and their eggs. It is also being said that the crown prince had instructed his staff to keep their distance from the car for the same.

Less than 24 hours since its upload, the video garnered over 1.5 million views. Its comment section on the other hand is bustling with netizens expressing their endless delight at the young prince’s thoughtfulness.

While one user has declared the bird as “prince of birds”, another called the moment sweet and acknowledged the crown prince as one with the “heart of an angel”.

Humanity lives on.

An avid nature lover, Sheikh Hamdan may be the Dubai Crown Prince but now he’s also a king of many hearts.