Humans of Diwali Taash Party


Humans of Diwali Taash Party

Illustration: Sushant Ahire / Arré


very year at the dawn of winter, Indians get together to celebrate Diwali, to commemorate the return of lord Ram and avail awesome deals on Flipkart and Amazon. Alongside diyas, smog, kaju katli and clothes from the 1900s, my favourite Diwali tradition is the taash party, especially the ones in Punjabi Delhi. This is where the already maniacal exhibitionism of class is injected with steroids.

For most men in a sherwani, the taash party is another dick-measuring contest – and you can win it either by having three aces in a hand or weighing down your wife in diamonds. But aside from this stereotype, there are other humans thanks to whom, an ordinary Diwali taash party is elevated to an anthropology field trip.