My Daredevil Doppelgänger


My Daredevil Doppelgänger

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


ast year, I surfaced on a very hot day at the peak of Delhi summer, all ready to conquer Monday morning blues because I was sure I’d done a great job on a report that weekend. Little did I know that my doppelgänger was about to ruin it all.

When I breezed into office, my boss threw me a stormy look, and held his phone up with a single, raised eyebrow. It was a WhatsApp thread, and it was short. There were three frantic messages from him telling me he couldn’t open a WinZip file (big-time Luddite), and asking when I could fix and send it back please? And then the reply from my phone number: “Hiee old man!”