Chennai Cops Raise ₹5 Lakh for 5-Yr-Old’s Surgery. In Time of Police Brutality, These Men Restore Our Faith in Forces


Chennai Cops Raise ₹5 Lakh for 5-Yr-Old’s Surgery. In Time of Police Brutality, These Men Restore Our Faith in Forces

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have left millions of people helpless. However, it’s generous acts like that of two Chennai cops who raised ₹5 lakh for a five-year-old girl’s open heart surgery, that continue to remind us that the world has not lost its light.

Karthik, who resides at Guduvanchery with his wife Priyanka and daughter Kavishka, used to work as an electronic salesman before the lockdown cost him his means of livelihood. The family was put in a dilemma when doctors suggested that little Kavishka must undergo an open-heart surgery.

Kavishka had been on medication since birth, as she was born with a block in her heart. She had already gone through three angiograms but the family soon found her health deteriorating. On consulting with a local doctor, Karthik was informed of the surgery. Owing to the family’s current situation, the father heartbreakingly had made the tough choice to delay the treatment as he could barely afford it.

But Nandambakkam head constable P Senthil Kumar, Karthik’s neighbour for the past two years, swept in as his anchor. “Just before the lockdown, in February, the doctors had advised Karthik that his girl child should go for an angiogram, but I heard that he was planning to postpone it since he did not have the money. My wife and I convinced Karthik to go for the angiogram and donated ₹30,000,” the head constable told The New India Express.

As the surgery demanded a huge amount, Senthil Kumar partnered with his colleague, police inspector M Thangaraj and embarked on the ambitious task to arrange ₹5 lakh for the surgery.

First the duo consulted hospital authorities, and then went on to collect ₹45,000 from all the personnel in the station. Eventually they managed to receive ₹1.25 lakh through a government welfare scheme, and were helped by sponsors who contributed a whopping sum of ₹3 lakh.

With the required amount in place, Kavishka was finally admitted for the surgery last month. Following a seven-hour long operation, the little girl was shifted to ICU for 15 days before being moved to the general ward for another 15.

The efforts of the two sincere officers have given the girl a chance at life that she truly deserves.

In the time of police brutality, it is heroes like these cops from Chennai that restore our faith in the forces.