Fast-Fawading Through 2016’s Celebrity Moments


Fast-Fawading Through 2016’s Celebrity Moments

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


s we bid a happy goodbye to what is being tossed around as the “worst year evaaah!” we look back at the celebrities who made this year, a bit more tolerable. Except Fawad Khan, who was shown his place with some characteristic Indian intolerance. Still, Kanye West and Beyoncé dropped this year’s anthems while Priyanka Chopruh showed Jimmy Fallon who’s boss by winning a hot-wings eating contest on his show. She will soon be in Baywatch, that will make our hearts burst with pride – but there still won’t be place for a Pakistani star.

Go to Pakistan, Fawad
When Karan Johar decided to make a movie last year, he didn’t think he would be setting a precedent. He could also scarcely have imagined that he would run into any trouble. This man, upholder of familial and cultural values – what could he do wrong? Never say never. The Maharashtra Navnirman Seva threatened to stall Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s release to capitalise on the “anti-Pakistan” wave that had taken over the country after the Uri attack. Their reason was astonishingly simple: Because the film featured an actor of Pakistani origin and have you thought about how it will hurt the sentiments of the soldiers at the border? Of course you haven’t – you’ve been too busy gawking at Fawad Khan.