Akshay Kumar: The God of Timely Things


Akshay Kumar: The God of Timely Things

Illustration: Akshita Monga


veryday at Delhi’s various metro stations during rush hour, you will observe hundreds of people queue up, waiting for the train to arrive. When it finally checks in, the crowd heaves in anticipation. They scramble like mad chickens and do not waste time in letting those on the train get off, and try to pass through the tiny entrance, setting up a collision course with those getting on. No one wants to wait for 30 seconds because they might lose a chance at a metal seat and they cannot stand the chance to lose at anything. As the inevitable crashing of bodies results in wrestling, shouting matches, and utter chaos, there is a dude wearing shades laughing at this stupid spectacle where everyone is gunning for absolutely nothing.

That man is Akshay Kumar.