6-Yr-Old from Ahmedabad is the World’s Youngest Programmer. What Were You Doing at that Age?


6-Yr-Old from Ahmedabad is the World’s Youngest Programmer. What Were You Doing at that Age?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The stereotype is that we are good at computers and IT. That reputation has just been bolstered, as a six-year-old boy from Ahmedabad has entered the Guinness World Record as the World’s youngest computer programmer.

Arham Om Talsania, a student of Class 2, has cleared the Microsoft certification at Pearson VUE test center. “My father taught me coding. I started using tablets when I was two years old. At the age of six, I bought gadgets with iOS and Windows. Later, I got to know that my father was working on Python,” Talsania told ANI.

When I got my certificate from Python, I was creating small games. After some time, they asked me to send some proof of work. A few months later, they approved me and I got the Guinness World Record certificate. I want to be a business entrepreneur and help everyone. I want to make apps, games, and systems for coding. I also want to help the needy,” he added.

Arham’s father, Om Talsania, who is a software engineer said that his son had developed an interest in coding early on and so he taught him the basics of programming. “Since he was very young, he was interested in gadgets. He used to play games on tablet devices. He also used to solve puzzles. When he developed an interest in playing video games, he thought to create it. He used to see me doing coding,” he said.

“I taught him the basics of programming and he started creating his own small games. He also got recognised as a Microsoft technology associate. We applied for the Guinness Book World record as well,” Om added.

Social media took pride in the achievements of the young genius. Udgam School in Ahmedabad, where Arham is a student, tweeted “Meet our student, the World’s Youngest Computer Programmer, who has got his name in the #GuinnessWorldRecords, Arham Om Talsania, from II-D.”

Wishes poured in from Microsoft Education as well, who congratulated the little champ and encouraged him to “keep up the great work”.

Social media users started sharing what they were doing at six years of age, and why this was a phenomenal achievement.

More power to you, Arham.