Eat Stay Stress: The Truth About Vacations with Friends


Eat Stay Stress: The Truth About Vacations with Friends

Illustration: Juergen D'souza


m seated inside a cab, late for a train and frantically hoping that I will make it in time. Last week, heading to the hills to explore nature seemed like a splendid idea when my friends and I were comfortably lounging on a living room couch. But right now, soaked in a layer of panic-induced sweat, I’m wondering about my life decisions, looking back at those painfully dull hours I spent researching holiday destinations, booking places to stay, eat, shit, and repeat. Was it worth it?

The sad truth behind vacations as a young adult is that they usually start in some room where your band of thieves is getting drunk and thinking of taking a trip away from the city. At this stage, the plan seems like a cakewalk because alcohol and mentioning Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani go hand in hand. Instantly, your inner Bunny wants to pick up a rucksack and leave everything behind for a rollicking adventure with his dear compadres. Paying the bill or finishing up your drink doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the booze has made everyone as ready as you are.