Bullet Baba and the Cursed Biker


Bullet Baba and the Cursed Biker

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


nce upon a time (yes, this is that kind of story) there lived an average Joe called Om Singh Rathore in Rajasthan’s Chotila village. Om Singh, a swashbuckling lad of the land and son of a local leader, was riding his Bullet. There he was chugging along satisfyingly on the Jodhpur highway near the Pali bypass, possibly humming a Rajasthani folk tune, the kind your heart gives into on a nice little bike ride, when he suddenly crashed into a tree. Om Singh’s humming came to an abrupt halt, as did his life. Rumour has it that he was riding his bike drunk, but nobody knows what really went down. They only know this – Om Singh Rathore was canonised as the patron saint of NH-65. Now known as Bullet Baba.

If you’re a biker and you hear of a shrine dedicated to the very bike you are riding, with the legend of a drunk Bullet Baba at the heart of the story, a pit stop is a given.