How I Met the Mummy


How I Met the Mummy


t was time for another halt, this time for a quick meal at the lone dhaba at Spillow, in the Kinnaur valley of Himachal Pradesh. The next destination on our backpacking excursion was Nako, and we had been on the road for over three hours already. As we waited for our Maggi, conversation ranged from the erratic rainfall to a road-widening project that would be a boon for the locals, yet detrimental to the environment. Then someone mentioned the “Giu mummy”.

The idea of a mummy in Spiti valley was as unexpected as a fresco in the Panama Canal. “I’ve heard about the mummy at the Giu village, but haven’t been there myself,” our driver Pyarelal told us, as we gorged on our piping hot Maggi, ravenous after the bumpy ride from Rekong Peo.