Will the Goa-Mumbai Cruise Go the Tejas Way?


Will the Goa-Mumbai Cruise Go the Tejas Way?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


umbai is all abuzz over the newly launched Angriya cruise, which made its trial journey from Mumbai on Wednesday. Geared toward the discerning Goa Bro, the 15-hour cruise is meant to Make Goa Great Again by convincing globetrotters to take a local beach holiday instead of a pill in Ibiza.

To this end, the Angriya features first-class amenities, including two gourmet meals at a selection of eight restaurants and a separate brunch – because brunch isn’t just a meal, it’s a spiritual experience. The ₹7,000 base price will ensure that that the “cattle class” remain on dry shores, far from the splendours of the Arabian Sea. Those who make it onto the luxury watercraft will glide along the selfie-made Konkan coast, where there’s #nofilterneeded save for a soupçon of Valencia for your own, unpicturesque face.