Why It’s No Fun Being DJ Wale Babu On a Road Trip


Why It’s No Fun Being DJ Wale Babu On a Road Trip

Illustration: Juergen D'souza


n India, every seat carries its own set of pressures. Whether it is KBC’s hot seat, your exam seat, the esteemed seat in parliament, or the shotgun seat in a car. And with great seats come great responsibilities. In parliament, the power is with the Speaker, and if you are seated next to the driver during a road trip, similar power lies with you. You’re the de facto nominee to make lame small talk, navigate the fresh hell that is Google Maps (especially if you’re still confounded by your left and right), and most importantly, become the official car DJ.

I’d rather risk being crushed between bags and passengers in the back seat than be burdened with the responsibility of playing a song that will invite the wrath of my co-passengers. A backache is bearable, but a bad song hangs heavy in the air, like flatulence.