Every Nobel Needs a Dylan


Every Nobel Needs a Dylan

Illustration: Akshita Monga


obby gets the Nobel and the world gets its panties in a sailor’s knot. Other people, the world shrieks, with accomplishments far above that of Bobby’s, have been passed over. Writers and poets, activists and physicists’ life’s work has gone unsung, unnoticed and consistently un-Nobeled. Their words and rhymes, rebellions and molecules lie rusting and ignored, gathering dust and growing old waiting for that call from Sweden that never comes. And here is Bobby, fucking doper and a floor crosser – selling out to rock and abandoning his folk roots to beat a path to populistic recognition and ersatz, albeit lasting fame.

As Twitter, that many-headed monster, where the heads far outnumber the brains, goes into a frenzy comparing the event with Kim Kardashian getting the Nobel for breaking the Internet with her snatch and Donald Trump, for his hirsute pursuit of the American presidency (and for grabbing snatches) I can’t help but think we are missing something obvious here. The answer may be blowin’ in the wind but the wind unfortunately is blowing in the other direction, away from our hearts and up our asses.