“Beta, Gana Ga Ke Sunao!”


“Beta, Gana Ga Ke Sunao!”

Illustration: Cleon Dsouza


once met a dog named “Smooch Inder Pal Singh”. Inder Pal Singh was his human father’s name and I remember the whole family, not because of the dog’s awesome name but because of what my father did to me.

It was the middle of the party and I was swooning over Smooch, when my father insisted I sing. The music was too loud for me to even hear my own thoughts let alone my voice, but apparently Inder Pal Singh and wife had flown down all the way to India and they just had to hear my voice. The party around me was moving to dinner but that didn’t matter to my father. Singing had to be done. So I sang “Every Breath You Take” in the lady’s ear while she was chewing her chicken tikka kebab at a tempo much faster than the song I was singing. It is, to date, my most enduring childhood memory.