Is It Cruel to Question Farm Loan Waivers?

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Is It Cruel to Question Farm Loan Waivers?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


et’s all wear our objective hats for a moment and forget that a bulk of this nation’s poor depend on agriculture for their income. Good. Now that we’re truly immune from being branded “insensitive”, let’s discuss farm loan waivers and hope the internet remains the civil ground for debate that it has always been.

The recent defeat of the BJP in certain key states means that the opposition has smelt blood and intends to pull every trick in the book to regain power in 2019. And there exists no better a trick than a good old-fashioned farm loan waiver. Once the Congress announced it was waiving farm loans, obviously the BJP couldn’t be left behind. They too announced a slew of waivers. It’s like watching a divorced couple outdo one another by buying gifts for their child during Christmas. Only it’s sadder, because they’re taking the tax money from one child to buy gifts for the other. Meanwhile, they employed a local history teacher to manage the family finances, so the children are left wondering whether there will even be another Christmas after this.