Folks in Town: How to Parent-Proof Your House

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Folks in Town: How to Parent-Proof Your House

Illustration: Akshita Monga


grew up in a conservative, religious family.  Not the “Don’t have a love marriage” conservative, but “Who is this girl? Why are you talking to the other gender? Where is your janeu? It’s 7 pm come home and say the Hanuman Chalisa seven times” conservative. Being a ’90s kid, I was expected to be a rebel, but unfortunately, I wasn’t. Instead I chose the path of being an outspoken liberal guy in the streets, and a religious, paavam one in the sheets.

I have always lead two lives. One for my parents and one for myself. Years went by and I got really good at juggling the two. Aditi’s numbers were saved on my phone as Aditya’s, dates were called tuitions, and cigarettes were always followed by 65 rings of Polo. This is how I survived college and the day my last college exam got over, I got the hell out of my hometown.