Confessions of a Backbencher Mom

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Confessions of a Backbencher Mom

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


walked in slightly late and mildly hung-over for my son’s first day at school.

My son was two and it was parent orientation day. I slunk in shamefacedly into the backbenches and tried earnestly to understand “the benefits of structured play in activating hand/eye co-ordination and enhancing motor skill development”, even as my head throbbed. I looked around at the electrically charged brigade of motherhood (and fatherhood) around me and felt like scum. Pencils poised for notes, big bags perched on tiny baby chairs, they listened with a raptor’s attention for tips on how they could “create conducive learning and disciplinary environments at home to ensure that the child’s passive acceptance doesn’t overpower his developmental need for independence and create lasting inadequacy issues”.