Why Indian Mothers Are the Best Momsplainers

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Why Indian Mothers Are the Best Momsplainers

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


ollywood’s rosy filter of “maa ki mamta” and its portrayal of Indian moms conveniently leaves out an important fact: Desi moms are notoriously savage. From a nagging knack for detail to a whole plethora of politically incorrect things she can say in front of your friends to embarrass you, Indian moms’ intrusive nature and staunch refusal to cut the umbilical cord well into their kids’ adulthood (in some cases, even their 30s and 40s) is something that has been unjustly unaddressed for far too long now.

The most significant of these desi mom salient features is their ability to patronise you over even the smallest things… or momsplaining. Given my experience with my own mother, I’ve managed to decipher what some of these slices of maternal savagery translate to.