Living In Without Sin

Modern Family

Living In Without Sin

Illustration: Akshita Monga


itting on my favourite bench that doubles up as a couch, I marvel at the view outside my window. The leafy green trees, some dotted with fiery red flowers, mark the onset of summer. Adorned by playful, bushy-tailed squirrels merrily chasing each other, they always fill me with a sense of hope. As a member of the 40-something singleton brigade, hope is my best friend, my all-weather companion, my drug of choice.

Singledom is all around me like a modern malaise that we have yet to fully comprehend. For some, singledom is not a choice. For others, however, it is. It is not a decision they have arrived upon lightly. In your 40s, singledom is not all pyjama parties and sisterhood summits. Singledom can make you lonely.