Kabhi Elder Sister, Kabhie Reluctant Parent

Modern Family

Kabhi Elder Sister, Kabhie Reluctant Parent

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


hen I was 14 and my sister was 10, we firmly believed that both of us were adopted. We arrived at this life-changing realisation after many weeks of poring over family photo albums, spurred on by relatives who kept telling us that we looked nothing like our parents. In those weeks, the more we looked in the mirror, the clearer it became: There was a striking resemblance to each other, but we had borrowed no features from our parents.

At that point, the weight of our conspiracy theory seemed so immense that we didn’t think we could bear it alone. So we took an oath – officiated and witnessed by our favourite The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley books – to be the A-team, unafraid of standing up against our parents. Like every set of siblings in the world, all we needed was an excuse to dismiss our parents as our common enemy, drawing clear mental battlelines that separated us from them. Every grounding, scolding, or whacking from them ramped up the animosity between the two camps and pushed the two of us closer together.