What is Love? The Right Person or the Right Time?

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What is Love? The Right Person or the Right Time?

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


y girlfriend of nearly three years told me yesterday that she has started studying for the GRE and wants to study in the US. She’s incredibly smart and has a history of acing tests, and I’m pretty certain she’ll get wherever she wants to. We then decided to end the relationship when she leaves the country. It makes little sense to spend the prime of our lives in different time zones, where human contact is replaced by Skype, and we have to add mods like The Kissenger to our fucking phones. Long-distance (mostly) is wasteful, breeds contempt, and makes enemies out of lovers.

As we set an expiration date for our love, the injustice of it all left me in a place of self-pity with a brooding facial expression. She could have been the one. Hell, she was almost the one, and now, as our lives take us to different places in different time zones, does it mean she isn’t? Does it mean that another woman out there, someone with whom I may never experience that perfect synchronicity but who is, at that point in her life, looking for the same things as I am, become the one? Is love then even a person or is it just a time in life?