Tinder Diaries of a News Junkie

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Tinder Diaries of a News Junkie

Illustration: Akshita Monga


his past week, Tinder released the findings of a survey conducted on 15,000 Indian users of the app. It asked a series of generic questions to the respondents, such as what Indian men and women look for in the people they are swiping on Tinder, what their preferences for an ideal first date would be, and what is the probability that you’re going to encounter your high-school teacher while swiping.

According to the results, the traits Indian women look for most in men are a sense of humour, similar values and interests, and intelligence. Well done, Indian women, for not abiding by the Poo Gospel – let’s leave that to Indian men. About one-third of the male respondents polled said that they preferred good looks over a sense of humour and similar values and interests. But the scrap of information that really blew my mind was that, for their preference for a first date, an astonishing 22 per cent of women and more than 27 per cent of men said that they would like to “learn something new together”.