Dating Games: From Heathcliff to Harami No 1

Love and Sex

Dating Games: From Heathcliff to Harami No 1

Illustration: Akshita Monga


think, that he thinks, that I think he is in love with me and therefore I am in love with him. Which, I think, is now pissing him off. But clearly he has no feelings for me and cares two fucks about what he thinks I think!”

It was 10.30 pm and Eva was distraught. She walked in from the edit of her TV show pissed drunk, proceeded to eat all my liqueur chocolates, and drank the entire bottle of Mateus. I sat there handing her tissues, ruefully eyeing the chocolates that I so liked to use during food foreplay, while she wailed, “Oh, why is it so difficult to find someone you can love without some goddamn game involved in it? Why can’t we all be DIRECT? You like me, I like you, bring it ON!”