The Hot Have it Easy

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The Hot Have it Easy

Illustration: Akshita Monga


emember the time you swiped left on Tinder throughout the night, lusting for that one hot boy or girl who’d go down on one knee on your first meeting and give you the best oral sex of your life? Yeah stop swiping and start wiping because that ain’t gonna happen.

A couple of weeks ago, TechCrunch released a much-needed investigation report into the operations of Tinder. The report outlines the strokes of a secret version of Tinder called Tinder Select, which is an invitation-only platform for the attractive and the powerful. The app only invites CEOs, supermodels, and other physically attractive people who are part of the “1% clique”. This allows for an undiluted Tinder experience where there are only two rules: 1) Be attractive; and 2) Don’t be ugly.