Truth and Dare: What Happens When You Stop Faking It on Tinder

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Truth and Dare: What Happens When You Stop Faking It on Tinder

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


use Tinder like I watch Bigg Boss: I lay off it for a while before eventually (and repeatedly), giving in to my insatiable need for cheap entertainment. And no, the saddest thing about this isn’t my stubborn singlehood, or the one match who thought “send bobs or i nuke vilage” was a good opening line. It’s the realisation that, in the big, bad world of online dating, honesty is rarely the best policy.

My complete disenchantment with Tinder and Hinge isn’t rooted in a depressing lack of matches. Rather, my inability to transform into the proverbial, modern Tinderella can be blamed on the fact that everyone on dating apps, including me, is fundamentally dishonest. My DP is a meme, followed by carefully chosen photos of myself. You know, not too much cleavage, because sanskar, but just enough to get me laid if I feel like it. Conversations usually involve me complaining about “mainstream music” while listening to Taylor Swift on full volume. The fact that my idea of romance is a large pizza for one is hidden behind a perfectly designed girl, who sometimes looks like me.