A Moment’s Silence for the Death of Tinder

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A Moment’s Silence for the Death of Tinder

Illustration: Akshita Monga


et’s take a moment’s silence to mourn Tinder. Yes, that dating app you turned to in the middle of the night, a month after your break up while scrolling through your ex’s timeline and chancing upon a picture of them with a hot thang. I learnt about the sad demise of Tinder six months ago, during an intoxicated haze at a noisy table of six girls, intent on fully exploiting the offerings of Ladies Night.

With the presence of a glass of sparkling mimosa, R, my oldest friend from college and a bonafide bhakt of dating apps, began intently advising her recently broken-up colleague on the rules of app-fuelled singledom. It’s a time of “hitting and quitting”, she expertly claimed, where it was imperative to free one from the burden of emotions, and wallow in the indulgence of gift-wrapped casual sex that presented itself in a matter of a swipe. According to her, it was the quality of the swipe — an act that usually requires very little thought — that actually held the key to a hook up being a success.