Hate Will Keep Us Alive

Love and Sex

Hate Will Keep Us Alive

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


n the first 10 minutes of the excellent dramedy You’re the Worst, its protagonists meet for the first time outside a wedding hall. The man, Jimmy, had just created a ruckus inside, called the bride (his ex) a bitch, and had been thrown out. The woman, Gretchen, was trying to escape after she’d just stolen one of the presents for the new bride and groom. Jimmy and Gretchen then conversed for about five minutes outside. Their conversation revolved around how bad a boyfriend Jimmy was, how fat the bride’s sister looked, and how the groom had no idea what was he was getting into. In this drunken state of mostly misappropriated hating, Jimmy and Gretchen felt a connection, a pull forged in the crucible of bitchiness, and went home and fucked like there was no tomorrow.

Because *insert drum roll*… haters gonna mate.