Counting Coitus and the Mathematics of Sex

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Counting Coitus and the Mathematics of Sex

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


t the dawn of the first day, humanity was chill. So chill, in fact, that Joseph and Mother Mary “created” Jesus without having sex (shouts to Christianity). Post that immaculate conception, we oddly got obsessed with numbers. How many days did Jesus take to resurrect? How many years was Ram exiled for? How much did you score in your 12th boards, to how many people you’ve dated, to the number which is the greatest threat to modern relationships: How much sex should an average couple have?

If you Google this question, over 19 pages of results pop up, citing all kinds of research, based on “how much sex is healthy” to “how much is normal,” how much avoids fights, how much keeps the spark alive, or the death knell: How the lack of it leads to divorce. This is a subject so rich, a legion of glossy magazines have made their fortunes off it.