Will We Ever Find Love Like Our Parents Did?

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Will We Ever Find Love Like Our Parents Did?

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty


arlier this week, while celebrating my parents’ 24th marriage anniversary, I had a sobering realisation: My parents had been together for over three decades, while my relationships seemed to come with a three-month expiry date. Meanwhile, my parents had first dated for seven years and were now completing 24 years of marriage together. To my friends who tagged along for the free kebabs and booze at the anniversary party, the idea of being with the same person for 30 years seemed harder to stomach than a packet of uncooked Maggi. How were my parents so happy spending their lives together, while my generation runs away from commitment as if it were a jail sentence?

The last time a girl asked me where our relationship was headed, I experienced my very first blackout, minus alcohol. My vision blurred, my hands began to spasm, and I fell face-first into the plate of mashed potatoes on the table. I was single by the end of that evening, but at least I learned something about myself: Commitment scares the crap out of me.