Sex Diaries from Chawl Life: Belan, Chappal, & Other Kinks

Love and Sex

Sex Diaries from Chawl Life: Belan, Chappal, & Other Kinks

Illustration: Akshita Monga / Arré


e naa, gacchivar game bagayla” (Come to the terrace to watch the game), says the featureless face from my memories. It probably belongs to a friend or acquaintance I cannot somehow place. The “game” here refers to sex. Not soft, slow, sensual, make-your-toes curl bedroom sex, but a hasty, hurried attempt at penetration, over before your pot of Maggi on the stove is ready to eat. Invariably, there is always this exciting game to watch in chawl life.

You already know how the middle class makes love (softly, to put in a word) but there are ancillaries to this particular sexual behaviour study that make chawl sex somewhat… unusual. Some wrongly call these fetishes; some, like my mom, mistakenly describe this as deviancy. Others are simply appalled by the non-vanilla aspect it brings to the bedroom. These “bends” in human sexual tendencies are best described as kinks. And somehow, the chawls are full of them.