Can You Find Love in a Rebound Relationship?

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Can You Find Love in a Rebound Relationship?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


couple of years ago, I got dumped by Zeba, who I believed was my soulmate, life-long paramour, and other words I learnt from Pablo Neruda. You can go ahead and brand me a schmaltzy romantic but we had been together for close to five years and were pretty damn close to getting engaged until it all blew up in my face. (If you want to read more about the nuances and contours of my mourning period, here I am pouring my heart onto a page.)

I naturally did what everyone explicitly told me not to do: Plunge head first into Tinder and Bumble. After umpteen one-night stands with septum-pierced anarchists, morally depraved PhD candidates, and alcoholic cabin-crew personnel, I realised what everyone was trying to tell me: You can go all-in with promiscuity, but low self-esteem will always call your bluff.