What Do I Call My Boyfriend in Hindi?

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What Do I Call My Boyfriend in Hindi?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


he other day, the Supreme Court passed a judgement affirming the right of adults to consensually live together without marriage. It’s amazing that the judiciary actually has to issue statements like this, but I’m relieved by the declaration. Earlier this year, when my boyfriend and I were looking for a place to move in, it didn’t seem like South Delhi landlords saw it quite that way.

“If they ask, you’re married,” became the tagline for our house-hunt, a phrase repeated by many a broker in that sidling, smarmy-but-well-meaning way only Delhi brokers have. Not wanting to get caught in a lie later, we persisted with the truth. When we finally met our One True Landlord through a Facebook post, posing as “friends” who wanted to split the rent, he surprised us by asking if we were in “a healthy, stable relationship”. He wanted to avoid any drama. Still, it was when we emphasised that we – two 27-year-olds – had informed our parents and weren’t risking an honour killing, that he really relaxed.