The Kiss that Launched a Lesbian Love Story

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The Kiss that Launched a Lesbian Love Story

Illustration: Namaah


wasn’t even supposed to be there. She told me this later. Some of her friends from Puducherry were in Mumbai for the weekend, and she’d got them to the Canvas Laugh Club. M is not the “pay for a laugh” kind of girl. She’s all smiles, all the time. I swear she lights up the bloody room. But more on that later.

I went up on stage. A totally, wholly, roaringly gay stand-up comic. Yeah, I like women. In that way. In that totally, wholly, roaringly sexual way. I didn’t see M in the audience that night or I’d have beamed at her right away. Anyway, attraction was a far thing. M wasn’t very impressed with me. I was too fit (she actually said that) and my stance was too strong. I didn’t look funny at all.