How Instagram Stories Dictate the New Rules of Love

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How Instagram Stories Dictate the New Rules of Love

Illustration: Arati Gujar


f late, Instagram seems to dominate almost all conversations between my best friend and I. “He views all my Instagram Stories without fail,” she told me at the end of a long day while talking about an ex whom she isn’t on speaking terms with. On another day, we discussed the mixed signals a guy she recently met was giving her. “Why does he see my stories if he isn’t interested,” she asked me earnestly hoping that I had the answer. But all I had were even more questions.

The awareness that my ex watches my stories subconsciously filters into my Insta-decisions too. How do I not let this validation affect me? Or not make myself miserable when my crush doesn’t view my Story even as it inches toward its 24-hour expiry time? And when will I stop wishing for my ex to strike up a conversation with me after viewing it?