A Guide to Dating in Your 40s: The Divorcee Edition

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A Guide to Dating in Your 40s: The Divorcee Edition

Illustration: Akshita Monga


he only singles meet-up I attended after my divorce, in the pristine halls of an apartment in Magnolias, Gurgaon, charged us money and served us warm wine in plastic glasses. It also had a ratio of 10 women to one man.

It was supposed to be a group of older singles with more men than women in the members’ list. But the men did not show up. The few who did made no effort to look good or make conversation. And why would they? Just being male assured them a hit rate of at least five to six women per guy. The older single women were so fun and fabulous that, had I any inclination, I would date them yesterday. But the men that showed up were really like followers of Peter Pan, men who were keen to remain boys. And, yet, the ones who don’t come for such parties, the ones who are hiding behind social networking apps, and prefer the anonymity of WhatsApp, reminded me of scared turtles. Folks who carry a hard shell on their backs, afraid of the battle scars of previous relationships, unable to move on legally, financially, socially, or even emotionally because they cannot believe what has happened to them.