Confessions of a Half-Boyfriend

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Confessions of a Half-Boyfriend

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


couple of weeks ago, this website carried a harrowing piece about a specific type of man, who tends to care about a woman only until he is rejected by her. The author eloquently wrote about “half-boyfriends”, the “friendzone”, and the tough choice a woman is presented with: Going the whole hog with a male buddy who has just asked her out or losing a friend.

Of course, it is the woman’s right to accept or reject the proposal. But what the author failed to grasp is that choice swings both ways. The man also has a choice to continue the friendship or bounce out. The latter might seem the more selfish route to take, but it is often a mature one. It is kinder to the one who has his heart broken. If you gracefully decide to bow out of a friendship, you’re following the path of minimum damage.