Grindr and My Tales of Technosexual Love

Love and Sex

Grindr and My Tales of Technosexual Love

Illustration: Akshita Monga


My phone chirps. It is more effective than an alarm. A ping on Grindr! I check my notifications, ignoring WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram – who needs friends right now? Six Grindr messages. Damn, I’m sexy. I scroll: Ugly, Ugly, Average, Hideous, Cute, Ugly. Why do I always attract these freaks? I look at the cutie’s profile: tall, boyishly handsome, winking at me. I send him a, “Hello there, beautiful” in response and a shirtless pic for good measure. Gotta show off them guns.

I open Tinder. Four new matches, all rather dateable (doable). I rattle off a volley of heys and hellos: They will respond. Imma play it cool. I finish my pressing business and fall asleep.