The Silver Linings of My Bad-Date Book

Love and Sex

The Silver Linings of My Bad-Date Book

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


t had the potential to be one of those dates that turn into stories I would later tell the girls over sangria. Until he started talking about his ex. And then, he wouldn’t stop. I nodded and tried to be patient, but the date was turning out to be a nightmare. I wanted to leave, but somehow I wound up at a house party at his place, where he then proceeded to lock himself in a room and cry in a fetal position.

We’ve all been on this date at least once in our lives. There we sit, ready to put ourselves out there, even after our ex has moved on with that person we were told not to worry about. With the memories of our last Titanic-shaped relationship hitting the proverbial iceberg as fresh in our minds as the haircut we get, we’re ready to meet a brand new person, who won’t break our hearts. Fingers crossed. And then our optimism fades.