Interview with Ganga Maiyya


Interview with Ganga Maiyya

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


n an unexpected turn of events, the Uttarakhand high court has declared River Ganga, the cradle of our civilisation, India’s first living entity. Being intrepid reporters and India’s foremost investigative journalists Weedward and Bongstein were the first interviewers on the scene.

After getting very high, they made their way to Varanasi where they heard that Ganga came out of a God’s head about 80,000 years ago. They finally found Ganga surrounded by a gamut of fully dressed women, bratty children, and half-naked men, all showering her with dead flowers and other such trash. She kept trying to say no. But she learnt it the hard way – “India mein consent naam ki cheez nahi hoti hai.”